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“First LP from New England’s favorite dream-harpist, Sophie Dickinson. Previously known for her work in the context of Boston’s Whitehaus Family, Cucanandy represents a mind-blowing excursion into the mists of the heretofore unknown universe of acorn people, detourned Scottish balladry and backseat singalong dynamism. Sophie’s is music that lives in a hollow tree, emerging like a salvia-soaked squirrel to jibber and skip around your room in a way that will drive you crazy with deviously antic moves. There’s a delicious aroma that hovers over the session, smelling of grandmotherly pies baking in huge underground ovens, mixed with chipmunk fur washed in morning dew. There have been a lot of odd excursions into the wilds of New England before this, but there has never been one like this. Half kindergarten recreations of Wicker Man, half cannon rides into a spinning bucket of Scotch sausage, there is much here to make grown men (and women) swoon. Grab a spoon and do it” –Byron Coley, 2015. LP includes download code.

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01 Tobacco
02 Sweet July
03 Over Sea
04 Ca the Yowes
05 Monday Morning Reel
06 Blueberry Pancake
07 My Dark Haired Boy

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