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Dave Arch


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David Arch is a pianist, conductor, arranger and composer with a prolific career covering albums, films and commercials, through to television and live work. However, David is undoubtedly best known for his role as Musical Director and arranger for Bafta winning BBC Television’s Strictly Come Dancing which is currently in its 14th series.Coming Home is David’s debut solo album, comprising 15 of his compositions that present a stimulating and diverse collection of songs, rooted in Jazz, which takes it’s listener along an exciting journey through uplifting big band/ orchestral compositions, retro style rock big band, modern Jazz Rock, a classy melodic jazz style ballad and a tour de force that builds from a dreamy start to a frenetic mix of rhythms – all played live. David wrote these tunes for differing ensembles and recorded then with co-producer Haydn Bendall at Abbey Road, Air, RAK and Strongroom studios, rallying around 80 of the finest studio musicians in the UK. These include David’s Strictly… cohort Tommy Blaize, Jeremy Stacey (drums) Laurence Cottle (bass) John Parricelli (guitar) and Nigel Hitchcock (saxophone). Coming Home will be available on double vinyl for the first time from June 9th 2017.

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Track Listings

1. Hello
2. More Air
3. What I Was Trying To Say
4. Rolle The Dice
5. Three Amigos
6. Time To Remember
7. Coming Home
8. Migration
9. Un Dia Duro (A Hard Day)
10. Desire
11. Pandora’s Box
12. Naturally
13. The Question
14. Top Table
15. Salmagundi

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