Comin’ Over Here

Asian Dub Foundation & Stewart Lee


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Asian Dub Foundation & Stewart Lee present “Comin’ Over Here” on a 12″ vinyl including 2 new edits and the instrumental! After an intense campaign on social networks, their protest song “Comin’ Over Here”, featuring comedian Stewart Lee (taken from Asian Dub Foundation’s new album Access Denied), reached No. 1 on the UK single download charts on the very first day of Brexit! This record is in support of the Kent Refugee Action Network (KRAN), a charity that supports young refugees striving to live independent and successful lives in the community : Unbowed and undeterred Asian Dub Foundation continue their sonic opposition to the powers that be and “Comin’ Over Here (feat. Stewart Lee)” kicks harder and higher than ever.

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Track Listings

A1. Comin’ Over Here (Album Version)
A2. Comin’ Over Here (Huguenots & Beaker Folk Edit)

B1. Comin’ Over Here (Nothing But Fins Edit)
B2. Comin’ Over Here (Singalong Version).

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