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M G Boulter has been working at creating rich and evocative story songs for years, creating vignettes of suburban lives and seaside communities. Boulter’s songwriting is a contemporary voice in the long tradition of the singer songwriter.

M G’s ‘Clifftown’ is an album he had been planning for some time and explores life in an Essex seaside town. Notable songs on the record include ‘Night Worker’, which wryly observes the night time denizens of the London commuter train stations and the title track ‘Clifftown’ where he sings:

“Their kids grow up to a lawnmower drone/ their kids grow old and move away from home/ by seafront palisades they’re swapping smokes/before they’re gone”.

‘Clifftown’ features many of his musical friends and collaborators including Pete Flood and Sam Sweeney (Bellowhead), Lucy Farrell (The Furrow Collective) and Richard Warren (Spiritualized, Mark Lanegan and Dave Gahan).

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Track Listings

  1. Midnight Movies
  2. Soft White Belly
  3. Clifftown
  4. Nights At The Aquar- ium
  5. The Author Of All Things, She Speaks
  6. Icy Paw
  7. The Slow Decline
  8. Fan Of The Band
  9. Simon Of Sudbury
  10. Night Worker
  11. Remnants
  12. Pilate

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