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When Munich’s indie pop darlings appeared on the scene with their precious 2017 debut “Are We An Electric Generation Falling Apart?” for Clouds Hill, they were so young you could hardly believe they had been playing together for six years already.

Their music is both nonchalant and brimful with emotions, sometimes bordering on the feverish, sometimes giving in to bittersweet melancholy only to become breathlessly ecstatic and weightless around the next bend, all borne by front dandy Matija’s soft, androgynous, sensual yet powerful voice.

Rapturously, bittersweet indie pop continues to be their innermost anchor. That said, though, it’s not unusual for their new songs to contain traces of classical music, hip-hop or french house, always with a keen open eye on the world while holding hands with their very own DNA. “Above all else, we became way more emotional,” Salgovic puts it simply. That much becomes apparent already in their first single “absolutelynothing (today)”, a light-as-a-feather, melancholic indie ballad with Beatles harmonies and some remarkable guitar work.

The Matija of 2020 are pure musical introspection, urging us listeners to do the same and think about, well, stuff. From a musical perspective, it may well be a bit more chilled than on their stormy, adolescent first record.

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