Applewood Road

Applewood Road


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Applewood Road is a vocal project consisting of singer-songwriters Emily Barker, Amber Rubarth and Amy Speace. Their 2014 encounter in Nashville sparked the beginning of a successful collaborative relationship which resulted in a self-titled, highly acclaimed full album. For the first time, Gearbox are making this album available outside the US.

Each song was recorded live to stereo tape. The tape was mastered and cut for vinyl at Gearbox Records in London, keeping the 100% analogue chain throughout the whole process.

“Their no-frills debut album, recorded in Nashville, has rightly won them no end of admirers, augmented with spartan guitar and banjo, were every bit as exquisite in this performance.” – The Times (review of Barbican show, July 2016)

“There’s a moreish magic to the harmonies of this country-folk trio that recalls the vintage appeal of the Everlys and the Andrews.” – Helen Brown, The Telegraph (Best Country Music Albums Of 2016 )?????

“Their three part harmonies had the hairs on the back of my neck stood to attention from the very beginning, although it was hard to not let the wonderful vocals, subtle accompanying instrumentals and warm, old school, sound just to lull me into total relaxation.” – The Ruckus

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Track Listings

Applewood Road
To The Stars
Old Time Country Song
Home Fires
Honey Won’t You
Give Me Love
Sad Little Tune
Lovin’ Eyes
I’m Not Afraid Anymore
Bring The Car Round
Row Boat
My Love Grows

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