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The product of their fading seaside-resort hometown of Littlehampton, Gloo speak for the timeless day to day drudgery and angst; from rubbish jobs to living in a “shit hole“ – and the lack of opportunities therein – all are fair game for Gloo’s abrasive, high energy output. A rhapsody to lives gone stale, the band’s pop laced punk rock is the perfect soundtrack to those in need of a little 21st Century escapism. Don’t be fooled though, as through the distorted guitars and demented solos the tracks are underpinned with a righteous ear for melody and keen songwriting. Still fairly new and already with a sound that hints at lofty aspirations, the band have been busy touring their catchy brand of punk rock, supporting the like os PRESS CLUB , QUEEN KWONG, DEMOB HAPPY and RICHIE RAMONE , as well as performances at 2000 trees festival, The Great Escape and BBC Amplify. Its no wonder these guys have backing from the likes of KERRANG!, CLASH MAGAZINE and RADIO 1 . Their music, vivacity and spirited live shows speak for themselves – Gloo have their eyes firmly set on breaking out of the norm they were born into.

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Track Listings

  1. Holiday
  2. No Shit Sally
  3. Force You
  4. Hit It
  5. Let Me Have Some
  6. Pig
  7. Say Yes
  8. Act My Age
  9. Dripping Wet
  10. Pissheads

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