A Big Bad Beautiful Noise

Godfathers, The


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Legendary British rock & roll group The Godfathers kick-start 2017 with one almighty bang via a career best, new studio album A Big Bad Beautiful Noise. They precede the release of A Big Bad Beautiful Noise (the first album to feature the newly revitalised Godfathers’ line-up of founder member & frontman Peter Coyne. guitarists Steve Crittall & Mauro Venegas, drummer Tim James & bassist Darren Birch) with the single You Don’t Love Me & then celebrate by performing extensive tours, concerts & festivals worldwide to promote it. A Big Bad Beautiful Noise represents an exciting new chapter for the London band, but The Godfathers have had a long & illustrious career. They were formed in 1985 by brothers Peter Coyne (vocals) & Chris Coyne (bass/vocals) from the ashes of their previous band The Sid Presley Experience. The Godfathers toured extensively & quickly earned a serious reputation for their electrifying brand of primal rock & roll & their incendiary live shows around the world.

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Track Listings

A Big Bad Beautiful Noise
Till My Heart Stops Beating
You Don't Love Me; Poor Boy's Son
One Good Reason
Miss America
She's Mine
Let's Get Higher
You And Me Against The World

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