6 Partitas By Anton Garcia Abril

Hilary Hahn

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  • Genre: Classical
  • Label: Decca
  • Released Date: 17th May 2019
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    1LP Gatefold Sleeve

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Six polyphonic works for solo violin on vinyl LP!

Hilary Hahn returns with a significant new contribution to the solo violin repertoire. Written by the Spanish composer Antón García Abril and commissioned by Hahn herself, the entire album is a world premiere recording of these remarkable new Partitas for solo violin. Following in the footsteps of Bach, Ysaÿe and Ernst, García Abril’s Partitas continue the rich tradition of composers writing a set of six polyphonic works for solo violin. Now available on vinyl.

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Track Listings

1. Heart
2. Immensity
3. Love
4. Art
5. Reflective
6. You

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