Who Are We?

Diverse Vinyl is one of the last remaining independent record stores in South Wales.

Our LP mail order department was set up around April 1995, a time when vinyl was in its darkest days. Many of the major new releases were CD only, import pressings were thin on the ground (literally in some cases) and record stores had stopped making room for vinyl in their racks. Contrary to popular belief however, vinyl was still alive, and Diverse Vinyl continued to stock all new releases on vinyl, as it always had done. It soon became apparent that not only were we the only shop in South Wales with a decent stock of vinyl, that we were receiving phone calls from customers all over the UK, desperate to for new vinyl releases that weren\’t available in their local stores. With the launch of the internet, our stock was suddenly easily available to vinyl junkies all over the world, with our site becoming a major portal for analogue fans worldwide.

It\’s been well documented that vinyl has been the subject of a revival in recent years, and it\’s true that, in one of the most unexpected turnarounds in history, there\’s now more vinyl being produced than when we started back in the mid 90s. But as far as we\’re concerned, LPs didn\’t really go anywhere to start with!

The vinyl presses were kept busy throughout the 90s with dance music, but also with the introduction of audiophile reissues. Diverse Vinyl immediately recognised the potential for high quality re-releases, and continues to be one of the largest retailers of audiophile vinyl and also other digital audiophile formats. Our label Diverse Records joined the party in 2002, with an eclectic catalogue of high quality contemporary releases across many genres.

Our brand new website lists all our current stock items, and we aim to keep up to date with all international vinyl releases. However if we\’ve missed something, or you can\’t find what you\’re looking for, please contact us, and if it\’s available we\’ll happily order it for you.

The catalogue changes every week as new LPs are released, and limited editions sell out, so be sure to bookmark this page, or apply for our monthly mail shot.

Come and join our crusade to keep vinyl alive!