Avec Le Soleil Sortant De Sa Bouche


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Debut album from new Montréal kraut-funk supergroup led by J.S. Truchy of Fly Pan Am. Avec le soleil sortant de sa bouche began in 2011, with bassist, singer and composer Jean-Sebastien Truchy seeking a new live ensemble to fuel his desired return to exploring the highly structured afro-kraut trance rock that was one of several stocks-in-trade during his tenure in early Constellation project and pseudo-legendary Fly Pan Am. Avec le soleil initially formed with guitarist/engineer Sebastien Fournier and drummer Nasir Hasan; a rotating cast of additional players joined the group for live shows throughout 2012-2013, as the band gained a local reputation for irresistible and levitational live sets that combined an avant-garde/contemporary sensibility with infectiously angular, rubbery grooves. Guitarist Eric Gingras (Pas Chic Chic) emerging as a fourth core member during this period. Avec le soleil is by now careening towards mastery of a highly original, deeply satisfying, giddy and heady avant-funk. Anchored by the brilliant bass and drum work of Truchy and Hasan, the group’s music is woven with crisp stuttering guitar and keyboard lines and a continually shifting palette of electronic touches and interventions. The pair of exquisite and exhilarating 20-minute pieces (sub-divided into sections for CD and digital track IDs) featured on Zubberdust! are the culmination of the group’s first two years of conceptual and somatic development. This is (mostly) instrumental rock that exuberantly succeeds in blending a primitivist, hypnotic energy with cerebral pleasures, seeding an addictive trail of sonic brain-candy throughout the mixes. The band wholly embodies and channels its inimitable square grooves, while teasing out the innumerable joys of repetition via micro-deployments of ever-shifting electronic overlays – along with the occasional full-stop and 180 degree turn. Truchy’s wordless lead vocals (and his choral arrangement on “Face à l’instant”) add compelling textural and melodic counterpoints while lending the music an especially timeless, deterritorialised and emotive dimension. Radwan Moumneh’s recording and production skills are on fine display; the album’s sonic bedrock conveys all the assertiveness of the rhythm section’s punk/hardcore roots, upon which a miasma of detailed intertwining elements circulate with clarity and cohesion.

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Track Listings

01 Face à l’instant Part 1
02 Face à l’instant Part 2
03 Face à l’instant Part 3
04 Face à l’instant Part 4
05 Déja, hier....
06 Super pastiche fantastique / New Sun Part 1
07 Super pastiche fantastique / New Sun Part 2
08 Super pastiche fantastique / New Sun Part 3
09 Super pastiche fantastique / New Sun Part 4
10 À partir de dorénavant

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