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Yours For The Taking – The Best Of



Barcode: 5014797903234

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  • Genre: Rock And Pop
  • Label: Demon
  • Released Date: 21st August 2020
  • Buying Format:
    180g 2LP Coloured Vinyl

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Celebrating the 25th anniversary of their debut album ‘Olympian’, this is the definitive ‘Best Of’ Gene compilation, available exclusively on vinyl. Compiled by Matt James, Steve Mason and Kevin Miles and featuring 22 tracks, pressed on 2LP 180g heavyweight blue coloured vinyl

• Featuring fan favourites, plus all of the bands 10 top 40 UK singles including ‘Sleep Well Tonight’, ‘Haunted By You’, ‘Olympian’, ‘For The Dead’, ‘Fighting Fit’, ‘We Could Be Kings’, ‘Where Are They Now?’, ‘Speak To Me Someone’, ‘As Good As It Gets’ and ‘Fill Her Up’

• Includes a selection of sleeve notes from the band and respected journalist Keith Cameron

• Inspired by the songs of The Smiths, The Jam and The Faces, Martin Rossiter’s literate vocals and Steve Mason’s fluid guitar lines were perfectly complemented by the intuitive rhythm section of Kevin Miles and Matt James. Gene released four studio albums and a collection of B- sides and radio demos between 1995 and 2001, and were named Best New Act at the inaugural

NME awards in 1995, and went on to score 10 Top 40 hits.

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Track Listings

Side A
1. For The Dead
2. Be My Light, Be My Guide
3. I Can't Help Myself
4. This Is Not My Crime
5. Sleep Well Tonight
6. Haunted By You

Side B
1. London Can You Wait?
2. Olympian
3. Fighting Fit
4. We Could Be Kings
5. Where Are They Now?
6. Long Sleeves For The Summer

Side C
1. Speak To Me Someone
2. As Good As It Gets
3. Fill Her up
4. You'll Never Walk Again
5. Stop

Side D
1. Is it Over?
2. Yours For The taking
3. O Lover
4. Somewhere In The World
5. Let Me Move On

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