You Don’t Know (Indie Only)

Lizzie Loveless


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For Lizzie Lieberson, writing a song is an act of letting go and as Lizzie Loveless, the New York-based artist weaves together her experiences on the road as a touring musician, ruminates on her past relationships, and offers an optimistic reprieve for the future.

As a member of TEEN alongside her sisters, from 2010-2019, Lieberson has taken the past couple of years to get to know herself again. Debut solo full length You Don’t Know marks a new beginning for the songwriter: an exhale after the transition of everything she once knew and a warm, yet poignant goodbye to the past.

Over the last five years, Lieberson has been quietly piecing together ideas and compositions for You Don’t Know, writing inbetween her hectic TEEN schedule, whether it was in an old apartment in NYC, under the watchful gaze of the redwoods in California, or immersed in the stunning natural beauty of her hometown in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

While the record comes with the heaviness of heartache, there’s a cathartic charge under a blanket of electronic soundscapes that allow Lieberson’s meditations to manifest with a hopeful flourish.

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Track Listings

  1. You Don’t Know
  2. The Joke
  3. Memory
  4. Eyes of a Man
  5. Loveless
  6. Hold Me Close
  7. Window
  8. New York, Yesterday
  9. Underneath
  10. Again

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