You Are Always On Our Minds

Hand To Man Band, The


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Limited pressing of 1,000 on Yellow vinyl. Features Mike Watt (Minutemen, firehose, Stooges) on bass, Thollem Mcdonas on keyboards/piano (Nels Cline, Tsigoti, etc ad infinitum), John Dieterich (Deerhoof, Natural Dreamers), on guitar, and Tim Barnes (Silver Jews, Jim O\’Rourke) on Drums.

Veering between the tightly woven and the completely unhinged, trading deep gulfs of ponderous melancholy with gentle, fractured pop fairytales, this release keeps the listener guessing without ever abandoning their own special brand of earthy hall-of-mirrors music. Cover artwork by Rachel Carns (The Need, King Cobra, Kicking Giant). Comes complete with MP3 download codes.

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Track Listings

01. Forces Conspiring
02. Before Our Eyes Arrived
03. We Learned The Unreasoning
04. Thinks This 05. Buoy Buoy
06. They Pretty Right
07. First Shallows
08. Occasional Cracker
09. All Us Konked
10. Farces Perspiring
11. Semina System
12. The Down Moveables
13. Voice Thrower
14. Be The Same
15. Thin Incision Split Decision
16. Slow Choirds
17. We've Got A Long Ways To Go We're Almost There

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