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HIM are famous for having coined the term “love metal”. This Finnish band has a huge following of dedicated fans, craving for their bombastic blend of Goth, Rock and Metal with poppy melodies on top. HIM (His Infernal Majesty) have been around for 20 years or so, building on musical foundations laid out by Goth bands like The Sisters Of Mercy and The Mission, with a respectful nod to Black Sabbath. Bringing it one step further into the new millenium, HIM have produced a myriad of infectious songs. XX (Two Decades Of Love Metal) is a brand new compilation of the band’s best work, featuring all the hits the band delivered in its rich history, and opens with a brand new, previously unreleased song: “Strange World”.

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Track Listings

A1. Strange World
A2. Join Me (In Death)
A3. Heartkiller
A4. Wings Of A Butterfly
A5. The Kiss Of Dawn (radio edit)

B1. The Funeral Of Hearts (radio edit)
B2. Right Here In My Arms (radio edit)
B3. Pretending
B4. Buried Alive By Love (radio edit)
B5. Gone With The Si

C1. Your Sweet Six, Six, Six
C2. The Sacrament (radio edit)
C3. Wicked Game
C4. Killing Loneliness
C5. Bleed Well (radio edit)

D1. In Joy And Sorrow (radio edit)
D2. Poison Girl
D3. Scared To Death
D4. When Love And Death Embrace (radio edit)
D5. Heartache Every Moment

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