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Barcode: RLPE03LP

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  • Genre: Rock And Pop
  • Label: RLPE
  • Released Date: 10th November 2009
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Recorded in Mexico, ‘Xenophanes’ is the first album which finds Omar at the helm vocally and lyrically, as well as musically. Sung entirely in
Spanish, Xenophanes showcases a side of Omar rarely seen before, truly distinguishing this album from its myriad predecessors. Equal parts Mars
Volta bombast, El Grupo Nuevo technicality, and a textural richness unequaled on prior solo releases, ‘Xenophanes’ is a concept album, that tells a story about a character’s journey through life, death and re-birth. In order to execute the emotionally-charged compositions on ‘Xenophanes’, Rodriguez Lopez again enlists his veteran co-conspirators: bassist Juan Alderete de la Peña, drummer Thomas Pridgen and keyboardist/percussionist Marcel Rodriguez Lopez. Also the album includes contributions from Mark Aanderud (keyboards), as well as the notable voice of Ximena Sariñana, doubling and backing Rodriguez Lopez’s vocals. ‘Xenophanes’ is a triumph of imagination and an inspired, concise statement.

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