Witches’ Brew

Alexander Gibson/New Symphony Orchestra of London


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This famous Alexander Gibson/New Symphony Orchestra of London collection from 1958 debuted at the dawn of the RCA Living Stereo era. It became one of the most sought-after Living Stereos with music by Arnold, Liszt and Mussorgsky amongst others, all with a spooky, witchy theme. The performances remain today as characterful and incisive as they were then.
We’ve taken this classic and given it the full Analogue Productions reissue treatment, featuring a remaster by Germany’s Willem Makkee from the original analogue tapes, and plating and 200-gram pressing by Quality Record Pressings. Toping it off is a thick cardboard Stoughton Printing tip-on jacket.
If such music didn’t cast the right sort of spell, so many listeners wouldn’t be returning to it on so many occasions, somehow feeling constantly refreshed.

Renowned “woofer wower” remastered by Willem Makkee from the original tapes
Plated and pressed by Quality Record Pressings
Tip-on jacket by Stoughton Printing

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Track Listings

Ballet Music From “Faust”
1. Overture To “Tam O’ Shanter”, Op. 52
2. Gnomus (from “Pictures at an Exhibition”)
3. A Night On Bare Mountain
4. Danse Macabre, Op. 40
5. Witches’ Rise (from “Hansel and Gretel”)
6. Mephisto Waltz

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