What Makes Vunerability Good

Like A Villain

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“What Makes Vulnerability Good is the new album from Like A Villain, aka the New York (via Portland) dwelling composer, performance and visual artist Holland Andrews.
What Makes Vulnerability Good is a deeply visceral and startlingly dynamic record. It moves like a pilgrimage through evocative soundscapes of ambiance, electronica, opera, contemporary jazz, and noise-pop. It takes influence from Andrews’ love of musical theatre as well as the avant-garde musicianship of Scott Walker, the emotional rawness of Diamanda Galas and the harsh enveloping soundscapes of Yellow Swans. With touches of Arab on Radar’s industrial noise blurred with the dense electronica of Holly Herndon. “My goal is to create a space where we can safely be turned to rubble, and then compassionately examine the pieces while we heal our most tender selves. Of course, we at times need a reprieve from intensity, so I offer those moments in the album as well.” – Like A Villain”

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