What Could Possibly Go Wrong

Dominic Fike

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The attention on Florida-native Dominic Fike has steadily grown since the release of his EP Don’t Forget About Me, Demos in 2018. From that initial release, he’s continued to rise as one of his generation’s most enigmatic pop stars. In 2019, his hit single “3 Nights” reached No. 1 on Billboard’s Alternative Songs chart and he collaborated with Omar Apollo on the tracks “Hit Me Up” and “Phone Numbers.” The New Yorker proclaimed that Fike “embodies the hazy, genre-less future of popular music.” He further displays his star-making pop sensibilities on his highly-anticipated debut album What Could Possibly Go Wrong which is introduced by the singles “Chicken Tenders” and “Politics & Violence.” “Comprising of 14 scorching, razor-sharp vignettes…Fike dips his toe in every genre possible, from party-pop (‘Chicken Tenders’, ‘Wurli’) to slinky R&B (‘Vampire’, ‘What’s For Dinner’), all of which comes with just about the right level of self-pity (‘Superstar Shit’)” (NME).

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Track Listings

  1. Come Here
  2. Double Negative (Skeleton Milkshake)
  3. Cancel Me
  4. 10x Stronger
  5. Good Game
  6. Why
  7. Chicken Tenders
  8. What's For Dinner?
  9. Vampire
  10. Superstar Shit
  11. Politics & Violence
  12. Joe Blazey
  13. Wurli
  14. Florida

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