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Entombed within the chrome coffin of Kingston Pennsylvania – aggravated youth suffering from the stigmas of sex, boredom, death and creativity – WESTPOINT was procreated. Birthed through a cavity in the fangs of suburban America in 2014, they have since grown into a garden of strange orange light and a saccharine slice of early adulthood. Bloomed into a beautiful flower, “Dive” was released in 2015 and with it a dissection and reanimation of the purple glow of progression. Sonically suffocating and devastatingly whimsical, the orphan choir marched forward to a somber, slumbering cadence. 2016 sees WESTPOINT in a new light. Crushing softness, the harsh luster of growing and the adolescent haunting us all. Tangerine scream. With their new self-titled LP, to be released on BBB Records this fall, WESTPOINT have been vomited out of the bottom of the belly of a good vibe. Subtle like a ghost and savory. Cemetery-esque – dark, sullen, with glimmering shimmers of passing positivity and hope. This is a band morphing from naive children to real life adults – it’s absolutely beautiful in a dreary, dreamy, surreal way.

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Track Listings

Side 1
1. Avoid The Oxygen
2. Blur My Vision
3. Feel October
4. In My Way
5. Jamais Vu

Side 2
1. Anesthesia
2. Idle Hands
3. Lunar Incantations
4. Tangerine
5. Mars

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