Weird Prayer

Sweet John Bloom

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Featuring former members of Daniel Striped Tiger, Four Eyes and Lost Twin, Sweet John Bloom first took form in the Spring of 2013. The band recorded their debut EP as a trio shortly after but later expanded to a four piece before recording their debut full-length, Weird Prayer. Recorded with Justin Pizzoferrato (Dinosaur Jr, Speedy Ortiz, California X) and Seth Manchester (Battles, Fang Island, The Body) during the Summer and Fall of 2014, Weird Prayer expands and evolves Sweet John Bloom’s brand of catchy punk rock. Clocking in at 15 songs and 35 minutes the band truly runs the gamut between indie rock, power pop and pop/punk. Diverse yet completely unified as a whole, Weird Prayer is a debut LP to be reckoned with and marks Sweet John Bloom as a band you need to know in 2015.

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Track Listings

Born Witch
Moving Target
Bury Ruby
Blood Moon
Tell Me
Night Thing
Weird Prayer
New Identity Crisis
Nothing Is Natural
Death; and Everything's Paid For
Trust Me
Aging In Place

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