Watch Me Fall

Jay Reatard

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‘Watch Me Fall’ is the debut album proper for Matador Records from Memphis prolific punk wunderkind Jay Reatard, and is the heir apparent to 2006’s essential ‘Blood Visions’.

In between his two albums, Jay Reatard has released two compilations of 7” singles for In The Red and Matador respectively (both 2008) and has also been busy with his own Shattered Records label (home to acts like Box Elders, Useless Eaters, Jeffrey Novak and Hunx). When people call him prodigious, they might be underselling him somewhat.

For his second studio album, ‘Watch Me Fall’, Jay has moved beyond his roots and recorded an album chockful of irresistible melodies and cascading with joyous hooks.

He would not be Jay Reatard, however, if there wasn’t a certain aggro negativity, and the song titles and lyrics do much to undercut the pop sensibility: ‘I’m Watching You’, ‘Hang Them All’, ‘Can’t Do It Anymore’, Wounded’ and ‘It Ain’t Gonna Save Me’, amongst others.

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Track Listings

1. It Ain't Gonna Save Me
2. Before I Was Caught
3. Man Of Steel
4. Can't Do It Anymore
5. Faking It
6. I'm Watching You
7. Wounded
8. Rotten Mind
9. Nothing Now
10. My Reality
11. Hang Them All
12. There Is No Sun

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