Wasted and Wanted

Michael Wollny's (em)

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  • Genre: Jazz
  • Label: ACT
  • Released Date: 26th March 2012
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Michael Wollny once said that they wanted to have some punk in their jazz. Breaking boundaries is the philosophy of the trio and certainly holds true on “Wasted & Wanted“. European jazz tradition, indie rock, Western and contemporary art music, sound experiments and some punk attitude – this all merges effortlessly and uniquely together and makes the trio one-of-a-kind. The potential of the band was discovered early on and they took the jazz world by storm. They have been highly acclaimed ever since their debut album “Call It [em]“ was released in 2005, and the German newspaper DIE ZEIT even called them “the world’s most exciting piano trio\”. Their album “[em] live at Jazzbaltica“ from 2010 was hailed as “the finest jazz album of the last quarter of a century” by Jazzwise\’s Stuart Nicholson.
Wollny, Kruse and Schaefer take us along on a high intensity musical adventure, full of enthusiasm. It is an adventure that changes its colours like a chameleon: it’s about tracing new sounds and experiencing different emotions. Energetic and ecstatic, mysterious and contemplative, melancholy and overwhelming, performed with heart and brain, powerful and wild – the album is all of this and more.

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Track Listings

01 Wasted & Wanted - 3:35
02 Symphony No. V, Mov 1: Trauermarsch - 3:36
03 Metall - 3:51
04 Blank - 5:31
05 Kulintang - 3:21
06 Cembalo Manifeszt - 3:13
07 Wasserklavier - 2:40
08 Ihr Bild - 4:51
09 Nr. 10 - 3:30
10 Das Modell - 4:09
11 Dario - 3:47
12 Whiteout - 5:11

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