Missing Brazilians, The


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Another science fiction dancehall classic. Originally released in 1984, this is one of the most envelope pushing records on the On-U Sound label: a rhythmic collision of noise, dub and electronics.

Adrian Sherwood pushed the possibilities of the studio to the limit, capturing dystopian mid-80s cold war menace with layers of spatiallydisorientating percussion, alien keyboard sounds and teeth-rattling distortion.

Features vocal contributions from Shara Nelson (Massive Attack) and Annie Anxiety (Crass Records).

Re-cut at Dubplates & Mastering in Berlin for maximum bass pressure.

Includes a fold-out poster insert and download card which contains the full album plus a previously unreleased extended mix of ‘Ace Of Wands’, their contribution to the classic first volume of the long running ‘Pay It All Back’ series.

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Track Listings

Crocodile’s Court
Gentle Killers
Frequency Feast
Quicksand Beach Party
Savanna Prance
Igloo Inn
Missing Brazilians

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