Wake Up Dead

Disconnects, The


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When I think of 1970s era New York I think of movies like Taxi Driver and The Warriors. I think of bands like Richard Hell & The Voidoids and The Ramones. I think of crime, switchblades, guitars, dark alleys, pogoing, serial killers and ‘ol Sid offing Nancy. Lately though I have a new thing I think of when I thing of that era…The Disconnects. Crazy thing is these guys are straight outta Neptune NJ circa two thousand and now. But those’re just incidental details baby. The Disconnects are out to disprove the “Thunders Principle” and that you can in fact put your arms round a memory. And for as much as BLR loves Johnny, he was wrong about at least that one thing. So if you’re still rockin’ a leather jacket and longing for the days when Times Square wasn’t a fun place to take the kids, then The Disconnects are your new favorite band.

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Track Listings

Side A:
Demolition Heart
Wake Up Dead
Lonely Boy
I Don’t Mind
Makes Me Wanna Kill
For Mindy

Side B:
No Life Like The Low Life
She’s A Fink
Kills Me Sick
California Screamin’
Fade Away
Sick Sick Sick

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