Vivaldi: Lute Concertos & Trios

Vivaldi / Daniel Benko

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It’s easy to take a musical talent like Daniel Benko for granted. Most of us don’t know enough about the lute to recognize the difficulty involved in playing it. Also, many Baroque groups make the music sound like sonic wallpaper, so a soloist’s virtuosity tends to go unnoticed. This often has to do with the conductor’s approach, but the distant sound found on many recordings of early music is also to blame. “Politically correct” original-instrument recordings of the digital era and the safe programming of “morning mood” FM radio has also done little to make Baroque music more interesting in our modern time. Every so often, however, a recording of Baroque music comes along that is worthy of notice. This 1978 Hungaroton record featuring Daniel Benko and Franz Liszt Chamber Orchestra is that kind of recording.

BoxStar has taken an already exceptional recording to a higher level. Utilizing the mastering talent of the Bernie Grundman and his all-tube mastering system, this new 180-gram LP has better detail, sharper imaging and a greater sense of live music making. Pressed on HQ vinyl, the music on this record transcends the stigma of “early music” and becomes a thrilling event for lovers of all music.

The original release of this record was on The Absolute Sound’s List of recommended recordings.

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Track Listings

Concerto for Lute, Strings and Harpsichord in D major,RV93
i. [Alegro giusto]

Concerto for Viola d'amore,Lute,String and Harpsichord in D minor, RV540

Trio for Violin, Lute and Continuo in G minor, RV85
i.Andante molto

Trio for Violin, Lute and Continuo in C major, RV82
i.Allegro non molto (quasi andante)

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