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Domino are set to reissue five Palace albums.

All the reissues will be available on LP and CD (in a mini ‘LP’ style pack), except for ‘Lost Blues & Other Songs’ which will be available on double gatefold vinyl and mini gatefold card CD pack.

The reissues will feature new artwork and packaging, with text written by Will Oldham.

Perhaps inspired by producer Steve Albini, Will Oldham turned up the volume on VIVA LAST BLUES, the hardest-rocking album in the Palace canon. Picking up on the thread of the AN ARROW THROUGH THE BITCH EP, Oldham dives headlong into the Neil Young/Crazy Horse sound that’s always been a stylistic guidepost to the work of the band. Surging electric guitar riffs and powerful drums mark the sound of “Work Hard/Play Hard”, “Cat’s Blues” and others. The downcast folk-poet sound of yore isn’t entirely absent though, as evidenced by the touching, romantic ballad “We All, Us Three, Will Ride” and the poignant, countryish “New Partner”. A well-balanced album, and one of the finest in the Palace catalogue.

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Track Listings

More Brother Rides
Viva Ultra
The Brute Choir
The Mountain Low
Tonight's Decision (And Hereafter)
Work Hard/Play Hard
New Partner
Cat's Blues
We All, Us Three, Will Ride
Old Jerusalem

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