Vinyl Cleaning Machine

Okki Nokki



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  • Label: Cadence
  • Released Date: 11th April 2007
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LPs that have been stored for some time between plays can be susceptible to static, which attracts dirt particles in the grooves and affects their playback. LPs stored in damp conditions can also attracts minute mould particles, which the listener can quite often misinterpret as a defect or a scratch on the LP. Even brand new LPs can contain release agents from a well oiled pressing machine. In order to get the best from your LPs we recommend they be cleaned regularly. Here at Diverse we offer two value for money solutions; one from the budget end of the market and one deluxe mechanical cleaning option.

We’ve always eschewed the idea of spending upwards of £1,000 on a cleaning machine but the Okki Nokki impressed us and is less than half the price so you have more money to spend on records!
An LP is cleaned horizontally on a turntable platter. A fine cleaning brush distributes the cleaning fluid evenly while the LP rotates. The soiled fluid is sucked away via a vacuum pump arm. The time it takes to clean each side separately is saved in drying time and there’s the
convenience of being able to file your clean LPs straight away.

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