VICE – Original Motion Picture Score

Nicholas Britell

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  • Label: Decca
  • Released Date: 9th August 2019
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In Adam McKay’s Award-winning 2018 biographical comedy-drama Vice, Christian Bale stars as Dick Cheney in the epic tale of how a bureaucratic Washington insider quietly became the most powerful man in the world as Vice President to George W. Bush. Juilliard-trained New York composer Nicholas Britell (MoonlightThe Big Short, If Beale Street Could Talk) provided the satirical yet sincere score, one of his finest works to date. “Adam wanted the score to have this large-scale symphonic scope because the story is so big. Because it’s not just about Dick Cheney and his rise through Washington; it’s also in many ways the story of America over the past 60 years,” notes Britell. “There are so many different strands and forces at work that have brought us to where we are today. We wanted to reflect that in the music.”

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Track Listings

  1. The Lineman - Prelude And Development
  2. He Saw An Opportunity - Counterpoint In C Minor
  3. Vice - Main Title Piano Suite
  4. Master Of The Butterfly Knife
  5. Flipping Cards
  6. B-Flat Prelude
  7. The Lineman In E-Flat Minor
  8. Taking Over The Damn Place
  9. Scalia
  10. James Earl Carter Jr.
  11. The Wyoming Campaign
  12. The Other Half Fears Us
  13. Dick's Heart Is Healthier Than Ever
  14. He Wants To Impress His Father
  15. My Friend, My Running Mate
  16. The Washington Game Board
  17. The Many Offices Of The VP
  18. The War In Afghanistan / His Magnum Opus
  19. The Iraq War Symphony
  20. Major Combat Operations Have Ended
  21. At Death's Door
  22. Conclusion - The Transplant
  23. Vice - Main Title Orchestra Suite
  24. Imperium
  25. G Minor Prelude
  26. Parade Music

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