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The Bronx’s sixth studio album Bronx VI builds on the legacy the LA-based rockers have established in its near two-decade existence, but which definitely proves the door to what’s next has not just been kicked down, but chopped up and burned to a cinder. Yes, the first four tracks – “White Shadow,” “Superbloom,” “Watering The Well” and “Curb Feelers” – bristles with the wild and untamed energy that’s defined the band from the off, but then – all of a sudden, as “Peace Pipe” kicks in – the pace and mood shifts to something a little less aggressive. Elsewhere, “Mexican Summer” and its (relatively) chilled-out mariachi vibes serve as an homage to the band’s alter-ego, Mariachi El Bronx (and was written while that incarnation of the band was on tour), while fatalistic closer “Participation Trophy” masks Matt Caughthran’s existential dread behind searing riffs and a catchy, defiant and exuberant melody. Bronx VI was produced by Joe Baressi (Melvins, Tool, Bad Religion).

Orange crush vinyl.

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Track Listings

  1. White Shadow
  2. Superbloom
  3. Watering The Well
  4. Curb Feelers
  5. Peace Pipe
  6. High Five
  7. Mexican Summer
  8. New Lows
  9. Breaking News
  10. Jack of All Trades
  11. Participation Trophy

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