Unleash The Love

Mike Love

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  • Genre: Rock And Pop
  • Label: ADA
  • Released Date: 17th November 2017
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Grammy® Winner and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Member, Michael Edward Love, grew up under the Southern California sun where he soaked up a life of music, surf, sand and sport. Beginning his singing career as a teenager, Mike along with his cousin, Brian Wilson, frequently sang at family get-togethers and holiday gatherings. These early influences served as the inspiration to form the legendary group, The Beach Boys, which originally consisted of Mike and his cousins, Brian, Dennis, and Carl Wilson along with neighbour David Marks and High School friend Alan Jardine.

Throughout his career, Mike has co-authored more than a dozen Top 10 Singles, cementing The Beach Boys legacy, alongside The Beatles and Michael Jackson, as the only artists to have produced twelve Top 10 Singles, within 5 years.

The Beach Boys are currently on the Wild Honey World Tour across the U.S. and Europe. The tour began on May 18th at the Royal Albert Hall in London and will wind through the U.K. and Europe before heading to the US. The tour will continue into fall of 2017 and feature the band’s beloved summer sound as they perform a mix of their greatest hits and fan favorites. The Beach Boys are led by Mike Love (lead vocals) and Bruce Johnston (keyboards and vocals), who along with musical director Scott Totten (lead guitar, vocals) Jeffrey Foskett (rhythm guitar, vocals), Brian Eichenburger (bass, vocals), Tim Bonhomme (keyboards), and John Cowsill (drums) continue the legacy of the iconic American band.

? Solo album of Mike Love co-founder of The Beach Boys
? Album will be double disc. One with originals and one with Beach Boys re-records.

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Track Listings

1. All The Love In Paris (feat. David Koz) Mike Love
2. Getcha Back (feat. John Stamos) Mike Love
3. Daybreak Over The Ocean Mike Love
4. I Don't Wanna To Know Mike Love
5. Too Cruel Mike Love
6. Crescent Moon Mike Love
7. Cool Head, Warm Heart Mike Love
8. Pisces Brothers Mike Love
9. Unleash The Love Mike Love
10. Ram Raj Mike Love
11. 10,000 Years Ago (feat. John Stamos) Mike Love
12. Only One Earth Mike Love
13. Make Love Not War Mike Love
1. California Girls Mike Love
2. Do It Again (feat. Mark McGrath and John Stamos) Mike Love
3. Help Me Rhonda Mike Love
4. I Get Around Mike Love
5. Warmth Of The Sun (feat. Ambha Love) Mike Love
6. Brian's Back Mike Love
7. Kiss Me Baby Mike Love
8. Darlin' Mike Love
9. Wild Honey (feat. John Cowsill) Mike Love
10. Wouldn't It Be Nice Mike Love
11. Good Vibrations Mike Love
12. Fun Fun Fun Mike Love

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