Two Wolves

Marry Waterson & David A. Jaycock


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Marry Waterson returns with a brand new album, Two Wolves, made in collaboration with David A. Jaycock.

The songs themselves cover a wide range of subject material, from laments about disappearing village communities (‘Hoping To Be Saved’) to the title track’s reflection on the duality of human nature.

Two songs explicitly acknowledge the Waterson legacy: The words to ‘The Honey & The Seaweed’ are fashioned from an original Lal Waterson lyric, written out of love for her friend and co-writer Christine Collins and set down in the late 60s in a book containing early Bright Phoebus songs.

‘Velvet Yeller’ meanwhile utilizes Mike Waterson’s recording of Tam Lin to startling effect. “I got to ‘sing’ with him one more time by weaving him into this tribute, which he read before he died,” says Marry of the song.

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Track Listings

Sing Me Into Your Tune
Hoping To Be Saved
The Honey & The Seaweed
Digging For Diamonds
Two Wolves
Caught On Coattails
Ginger Brown & Apple Green
Woolgathering Girl
Velvet Yeller
Brighter Thinking
Teen & The Thief
Circa ’73
Emotional Vampire
Sing Me Into Your Tune Reprise

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