Truth Is A Beautiful Thing

London Grammar


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Truth Is a Beautiful Thing is the second full-length album from British trio London Grammar. As with their 2013 debut If You Wait, the release was written almost exclusively by Hannah Reid, Dominic ‘Dot’ Major and Dan Rothman who poured their experiences from 30 months on the road into the new material. The group subsequently worked with the likes of Oscar winning producer Paul Epworth (Florence & The Machine, Bloc Party), Mercury nominated Jon Hopkins (Brian Eno, King Creosote) and LA based Greg Kurstin (Sia, Beck) as well as Tim Bran and Roy Kerr who also worked on If You Wait. The collection comes preceded by the sweeping singles “Rooting For You,” “Big Picture” and “Truth Is a Beautiful Thing.”

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Track Listings

1. Rooting For You
2. Big Picture
3. Wild Eyed
4. Oh Woman Oh Man
5. Hell to the Liars
6. Everyone Else
7. Non Believer
8. Bones of Ribbon
9. Who am I
10. Leave the War With Me
11. Truth Is A Beautiful Thing

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