Trailer Park

Beth Orton


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1996 saw the release of Beth Orton’s acclaimed debut album ‘Trailer Park’. With its fusion of folk, 60’s girl group harmonies and electronica, it encompassed the sounds of the late 1990s. This special edition features live versions of ‘Galaxy Of Emptiness’, ‘Touch Me With Your Love’, as well as early versions of ‘Demons’ and ‘Best Bits’. It also includes collaborations with the legendary Terry Callier on tracks such as ‘Dolphins’ and ‘Lean On Me’, making this collection the ultimate must-have for fans.

Reissued on Plain Recordings.

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Track Listings

1. She Cries Your Name
2. Tangent
3. Don't Need A Reason
4. Live As You Dream
5. Sugar Boy
6. Touch Me With Your Love
7. Whenever
8. How Far
9. Someone's Daughter
10. I Wish I Never Saw The Sunshine
11. Galaxy Of Emptiness

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