This Is How We Die

Christopher Brett Bailey


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I (Matt J) went to see this in an arts centre in Cardiff and it was amazing. On vinyl, there are 3 sides of dark humoured, quick fire monologue, split into specific scenes but with an underlying theme throughout. Side 4 is mostly comprised of the post-rock crescendo that ends the live theatre experience. A Swans-y instrumental musical piece that’s every bit as atmospheric and intense as the dialogue.

Not for the faint hearted but well worth your time and money if you fancy immersing yourself in something a little out of the ordinary.

After *nearly 100* live dates, the spoken word & noise-rock spectacular THIS IS HOW WE DIE has been pressed into wax and preserved for future generations! Invite into your home the snarling poetry of Christopher Brett Bailey and the doom-y apocalyptic rock of his heavy, heavy friends.

Spread across 4 sides of slime green vinyl, and comprising both live and studio recordings… fuck your television: this is the ultimate home theatre experience!

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Track Listings

side a:
machine gun
swastika man

side b:
we shook our fists
jissums & isms
go fuck yourself
machine gun 2
the dead should not have a right to an opinion

side c:
gas station
savage tongues

side d:
money bowl
we pronounce this language dead

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