There’s A Time

Doug Macleod


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Reference Recordings LPs: The Reference Mastercuts Series, pressed by Quality Record Pressings!

Double LP set in a gatefold jacket, 45 RPM, 200-gram vinyl

SAN FRANCISCO – ‘Prof.’ Keith Johnson’s first blues recording! 13 new MacLeod originals highlight this richly detailed recording, done at Skywalker Sound in Marin County, CA. by Reference Recordings’ Grammy® winning engineer.

Also featuring Doug’s longtime bassist Denny Croy and Jimi Bott, one of the most recorded, awarded and respected blues drummers in the world.

Doug says: “Making this album was different than any other one I’ve done in the past,” recalls MacLeod about the sessions. “They put Jimi, Denny and me on this huge soundstage at Skywalker Sound in Marin County and we sat around in a circle where we could see each other. We played live, no overdubs, just three guys playing some music together.”

A perennial Blues Music Award nominee, MacLeod was nominated in 2012 as Acoustic Artist of the Year. (Drummer Jimi Bott is also a multi-BMA nominee).

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Track Listings

Side 1
Rosa Lee
Black Nights
The Up Song
Side 2
My Inlaws Are Outlaws
The Entitled Few
Side 3
A Ticket Out
Run With The Devil
St. Elmo's Rooms and Pool
I'll Be Walking On
Side 4
East Carolina Woman
The Night Of The Devil’s Road
Dubb’s Talking Religion Blues

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