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Peaches, a Canadian expatriate residing in Germany, rocks and shocks by mixing electronic music, punk, and femme fatale attitude. Her second solo release and first full- length album, ‘Teaches of Peaches’ does not hide its overt sexuality. Sporting the artist’s midsection on the cover, replete with a pair of pink hot pants, the album seems to posit the next wave of feminist music. With songs such as ‘Lovertits’, ‘Suck and Let Go’, and ‘Cum Undun’, Peaches aligns herself with outspoken artists like the Slits and Kathleen Hanna. Obvious parallels to equally electronic act Le Tigre come to mind while listening to Peaches’s rap vocals over roland 505 beats and samples. She even whips out a guitar for songs like ‘Rock Show’ and ‘Sucker’. her instrument of fancy is decidedly the groovebox, so ‘Teaches of Peaches’ swells with chunky beats and rock melodies, reminiscent of the electro artists of the 1980s.

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Track Listings

1. "Fuck the Pain Away" 4:08
2. "AA XXX" 4:30
3. "Rock Show" 2:10
4. "Set It Off" 3:15
5. "Cum Undun" 4:20
6. "Diddle My Skittle" 4:37
7. "Hot Rod" 4:43
8. "Lovertits" 4:42
9. "Suck and Let Go" 6:27
10. "Sucker" 3:37
11. "Felix Partz" 4:28

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