The Rip Tide



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  • Genre: Rock And Pop
  • Label: Pompeii
  • Released Date: 30th August 2019
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The third studio album by the American indie folk band, Beirut, originally released on August 30, 2011. Include digital album download coupon. Unlike previous Beirut albums, The Rip Tide was more reflective of places closer to home; for example, the song “Santa Fe” was a homage to Condon’s hometown. Condon reflected on this shift in songwriting, saying “The vagabond thing – that was a teenage fantasy that I lived out in a big way. Music, to me, was escapism. And now I’m doing everything that is the opposite [of that] in my life. I’m married. I’ve got a house. I’ve got a dog. So it felt ridiculous, the narrative of what my career was supposed to be, compared to what I was actually trying to attempt in my life.” Condon wrote The Rip Tide while he spent six months in isolation living in a Bethel, New York winter cabin. Unlike Beirut’s previous albums, the music was recorded as a band playing together instead of laying down individual tracks one at a time.  However, the lyrics were only added by Condon after all the music had been recorded. Also Available From Beirut: Gulag Orkestar LP, The Flying Club Cup LP.

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Track Listings

  1. A Candle’s Fire
  2. Santa Fe
  3. East Harlem
  4. Goshen
  5. Payne’s Bay. Side B:
  6. The Rip Tide
  7. Vagabond
  8. The Peacock.
  9. Port Of CallInclude

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