The Mission: Music From The Motion Picture

Ennio Morricone

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Ennio Morricone’s Academy Award-nominated score captures the conflict between 18th-century Jesuit missionaries trying to convert the native Indians, and the slavers who want to destroy them. In keeping with the serious subject matter and epic scope of Roland Joffe’s film, the score is by turns grave, lyrical, and tense. Ever inventive, Morricone mixes liturgical chorales, native drumming, and Spanish-influenced guitars, often in the very same track, to capture the drama of the culture clash. His trademark lyricism also comes through, notably in the beautiful themes for “Gabriel’s Oboe” and “The Mission”. Not as over-the-top as his well-known spaghetti western scores, The Mission shows Morricone at his dramatic best. –Heidi MacDonald

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Track Listings

A1. On Earth As It Is In Heaven
A2. Falls
A3. Gabriel's Oboe
A4. Ava Maria Guarani
A5. Brothers
A6. Carlotta
A7. Vita Nostra
A8. Climb
A9. Remorse
A10. Penance

B1. The Mission
B2. River
B3. Gabriel's Oboe
B4. Te Deum Guarani
B5. Refusal
B6. Asuncion
B7. Alone
B8. Guarani
B9. The Sword
B10. Miserere

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