The Last Of Us Part II: Soundtrack

Gustavo Santaolalla and Mac Quayle

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Mondo, in partnership with Sony Masterworks, is proud to present the premier physical release of Gustavo Santaolalla and Mac Quayle’s soundtrack to the highly anticipated 2020 sequel, The Last of Us Part II. The music for The Last of Us is striking and emotionally powerful. In the original, the plucky guitar performance by Santaolalla almost singlehandedly took the post-apocalyptic horror narrative of the game and grounded it firmly in the western genre. For Part II, with dual revenge narratives and opposing perspectives, the games team brought on an additional composer to bring another sonic soundscape into the mix with Quayle. His synth contributions to the soundtrack to Part II might be the most terrifying, underlining the true physical and psychological horror that players face. 180g vinyl 2LP-set with artwork by Tula Lotay.

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Track Listings

  1. The Last Of Us Part II
  2. Unbound
  3. Longing
  4. Eye for an Eye
  5. It Can't Last
  6. The Cycle of Violence
  7. Reclaimed Memories
  8. Cordyceps
  9. Longing (Redemptions)
  10. Restless Spirits
  11. Chasing a Rumor
  12. They're Still Out There
  13. Unbroken
  14. The Rattlers
  15. The Obsession
  16. Soft Descent
  17. The WLF
  18. A Wolf's Ghost
  19. Masks On
  20. It Can't Last (Home)
  21. Inextinguishable Flames
  22. Allowed to be Happy
  23. Collateral
  24. The Cycle Continues
  25. All Gone (The Promise)
  26. Grieving
  27. The Island
  28. Beyond Desolation

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