The Invisible World of Beautify Junkyards

Beautify Junkyards


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  • Genre: Electronica
  • Label: Ghost Box
  • Released Date: 9th March 2018
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“Atmospheric, immersive, and arcane, The Invisible World Of.. is a record out of time and as such a natural fit on Ghost Box.” SHINDIG

THE INVISIBLE WORLD OF BEAUTIFY JUNKYARDS is Lisbon band Beautify Junkyards’s third album and effortlessly blend their love of English Acid Folk and Brazilian Tropicalia. In a collection of songs that conjure up a warm and verdant faerie world, delicate acoustic guitars evoke an autumnal England suffused with Iberian heat by other- worldly voices; the ethereal lilt of Joa?o Branco Kyron and the warm languor of Rita Vian (a voice redolent of Gal Costa or Os Mutantes’ Rita Lee.)

The production is tempered with a haunted electronic palette that anchors the band squarely in the world of Ghost Box. But more than this, Beautify Junkyards’ sheer song writing talent, production skill and performance virtuosity grant them a place amongst the great outside-of-time bands like Broadcast or The High Llamas.

In 2012, the band’s eponymous first album set out their stall, with a collection of cover versions; mainly of classics of the British Acid-Folk period, but also taking in Tropicalia and German Kosmiche. The album was a hit in Portugal and picked up for airplay in the UK on BBC Radio 2 & 6 Music. Their version of Kraftwerk’s Radioactivity was included on DJ Food’s Krafwerk Kover Kollection.

Their second album in 2015, The Beast Shouted Love, carried their influences forward with original songs and cemented a style that is at once traditional, experimental and exotic. In 2016 the band debuted on Ghost Box with a single as part of the label’s Other Voices Series.

Packaging: The lavish packaging on all formats is designed by Julian House with artwork that attempts to capture the band’s love of the Czech New-Wave and the twilight worlds of WB Yeats. The heavyweight vinyl LP includes a free download card.

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Track Listings

1. Ghost Dance
2. Sybil´s Dream
3. Prism
4. Half Marble
5. Golden Apples of the Sun
6. Echo Chamber
7. Manhã Tropical
8. Aquarius
9. Shelter
10. Cabeça-Flor
11. Claridade
12. Sorceress
13. The Masque of the Hidden Garden

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