The Hunchback

Kurt Vile & The Violators


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The timeless record of 2009 is back in an expanded version for 2013. Fans of Kurt Vile’s previous work cried into their pillows and accused him of selling out the bedroom rock scene, while the initiated few knew he’d been doing it for years… plugging in with a full-on rock band called The Violators and gigging in all corners of Philly. With baritone guitar / bassist Adam Granduciel, rodeo slide and fuzz guitar from Jesse Turbo, and perfect percussion from Mike Zeng, The Violators are Vile’s Crazy Horse, slugging it out with him when he feels like playing with a full band. Oddly pleasant singing, in-the-red fingerpicking, twisting swells of feedback, totally pounding drums, and Kraut-like zen fill both sides of this record. Loud and proud, The Hunchback looks right filed next to one’s Neil, Faust and Spacemen 3 records.

This special 2013 pressing comes with a digital download coupon that features bonus live material.

“… ‘The Hunchback’ [is] a dirgelike, dour crash of gales of half-regarded, stately jangle into a pile of shakers and tambourines. It’s a three-chord wander, topping out the monochord raga of ‘Good Lookin Out,’ and it could also pass for a lost shoegaze classic of ’92.” —Still Single

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Track Listings

A1 The Hunchback
A2 Damn You
A3 Losing It

B1 Hunchy's Back
B2 Good Lookin Out
B3 Slick Licks

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