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The Boy Least Likely To


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Fifteen years on from the release of their first single and twelve years since the release of their seminal debut album The Best Party Ever, The Boy Least Likely To celebrate their against all odds success with the release of their Greatest Hits album. 17 tracks taken from their four albums as well as a long overdue studio version of their cover of George Michael’s Faith and a brand new single, One Of These Days.

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1. Be Gentle With Me
2. I'm Glad I Hitched My Apple Wagon to Your Star
3. A Balloon On a Broken String
4. Hugging My Grudge
5. Follow Your Heart Somewhere
6. It Could've Been Me (Feat. Gwenno)
7. Michael Collins
8. Monsters
9. Faith
10. When Life Gives Me Lemons I Make Lemonade
11. I See Spiders When I Close My Eyes
12. I Box Up All the Butterflies
13. One of These Days
14. George and Andrew
15. Climbing Out of Love
16. Paper Cuts
17. A Fairytale Ending

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