The Day The Sun Went Out



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Originally released on Initial Records back in 1997, BOYSETSFIRE’s debut album ‘The Day The Sun Went Out’ has been out of print for years, and is now available again in a remastered and completely repackaged form through End Hits Records.

New linernotes by FRANK TURNER. Gatefold LP with download.

BOYSETSFIRE’s first full-length was an instant hardcore classic and has since gone on to become a genre defining record that helped pave the way for the popularity of the third wave of emo and post hardcore. Bands like MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE, POISON THE WELL, FUNERAL FOR A FRIEND or THURSDAY all listed this raw piece of emotional hardcore as a major influence. Emotionally and politically charged, heartfelt and honest – this marks the beginning of BOYSETSFIRE’s astonishing international career.

All elements of later classics such as “After The Eulogy” or “The Misery Index” can already be found here although way more unpolished as the albums that helped BOYSETSFIRE break into the mainstream. ‘The Day The Sun Went Out’ is the perfect mix of aggression, thought-provoking ideas and melody.

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Track Listings

01. Pure
02. Cringe
03. The Fine Art Of Falling
04. Another Badge Of Courage
05. Swingset
06. The Power Remains The Same
07. In Hope
08. Toy Gun Anthem
09. Cadence
10. 65 Factory Outlets
11. Hometown Report Card
12. Vorlauf
13. Untitled

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