The Cold Blue (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Score)

Richard Thompson


Barcode: 0607396534210

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  • Genre: Folk
  • Label: New West
  • Released Date: 29th November 2019
  • Buying Format:
    180g 2LP


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Directed by Erik Nelson (Grizzly Man), ‘The Cold Blue’ is a 2019 documentary that focuses on footage shot directly from bomber planes during WWII with narration from surviving members of the 8th Infantry. 19 original songs / pieces composed while watching the documentary.

Richard Thompson was personally selected to write and arrange the score to the movie which is now released on vinyl for the first time ever as a sky blue 180g double vinyl set.

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Track Listings

  1. The Cold Blue
  2. The Cold Blue Part 2
  3. No Tomorrow
  4. Fresh Eggs
  5. A Sudden Boom
  6. Family
  7. Tremendous Workers
  8. Beautiful Sight
  9. Beautiful Ship
  10. Cold Air
  11. Over There
  12. Big Thunderstorm
  13. Superstitious
  14. Kill a Human
  15. Red Flare
  16. Just Germans
  17. I’ll Be Seeing You
  18. Family (Guitar Version)
  19. The Cold Blue (Guitar Version)

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