The Boombox Ballads

Sweet Baboo


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On ‘The Boombox Ballads’, Sweet Baboo (aka Stephen Black) wanted to explore more what it was to be a ‘singer’ as opposed to a ‘singer songwriter’, a term – that to him at least – seems to have picked up some negative connotations in recent years. With that in mind, there was a tentative channelling of Harry Nilsson and latter day Scott Walker in both his songwriting and by working with an arranger (Paul Jones) for the first time who helped him paint the most vivid accompaniments possible.

‘The Boombox Ballads’ follows Black’s ‘Motorhome Songs’ EP, his 2013’s acclaimed ‘Ships’ and 2010’s ‘I’m A Dancer’ / ‘Songs About Sleeping’ – both of which were nominated for the Welsh Music Prize.

Sweet Baboo’s dry wit and melodic flair have seen him become a firm favourite with 6Music’s Marc Riley (who has had him in session more than any other artist), with deserved recognition as one of the country’s finest performers.

‘The Boombox Ballads’ is released on Moshi Moshi.

The LP format includes a copy of the album on CD.

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Track Listings

Got To Hang On To You
You Are Gentle
Two Lucky Magpies
The Boombox Ballad
You Got Me Time
Walking In The Rain
I Just Want To Be Good
Tonight You Are A Tiger
Over & Out

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