Tears Of Joy

Antonio Forcione


Barcode: 797537109220

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  • Genre: Jazz
  • Label: Naim Records
  • Released Date: 14th September 2005
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    180g 1LP
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Following the success of the In Concert CD and DVD in 2007, Naim has now released the critically acclaimed project in a sumptuous double gatefold set.

The project was re-mastered for vinyl and cut by Steve Rooke at the world famous Abbey Road Studios in London, UK. The In Concert project was recorded in the exquisite acoustics of the Trinity Centre in Tunbridge Wells, UK in the summer of 2006. The Antonio Forcione Quartet consists of the tremendous talents of Antonio Forcione steel / nylon string guitars and Oudan, Jenny Adejayan cello, Nathan Thomson double bass/flute and Adriano Adewale percussion.

The In Concert project, features some of Forcione’s most prolific arrangements and compositions from his previous nine albums for Naim Label, freshly arranged for his current Quartet. Recorded live and mixed by Martin Levan at Red Kyte Studios, the record retains all the sparkle of a live gig but the crystal clear production of a studio album.

Special guests:

Ronu Majumdar – bansuri
Alex Wilson – piano
Michelin van Hautern – vocals
Nathan Thomson – double bass
Enzo Zirilli – drums/percussion

All music written, arranged and produced by Antonio Forcione. Recorded by Martin Levan at Red Kite Studio in Wales. Mixed by Martin Levan and Antonio Forcione.

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Track Listings

1. Tears Of Joy
2. Sahara Rain
3. The Long Winter
4. Spanish Breeze
5. All Summer Long
6. The Cool Cat
7. Fragile
8. Landmark
9. Waltz For Django
10. Earth Spirit

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