Supernatural Fairy Tales



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Classic but little known late 60’s Brit psych from the band that would later evolve into the much more famous progressive act, Spooky Tooth. Great use of effects, this is vamped in echoes, phasing, and vocoded vocals, and combines strong vocal melodies with distorted rock riffing, psychedelic guitar solos, pounding bass, and sweeping mellotron all to great effect. This is quite a varied album, there’s a few softer, more lightweight songs (check out the Buffalo Springfield cover on ‘What’s That Sound’) with some rawer fuzzy, more progressive rockers. Collectors of UK psychedelia/prog won’t be disappointed.

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I Think I'm Going Weird
What's That Sound
African Thing
Room With A View
Flying Anchors
Supernatural Fairy Tale
Love Is Real
Come On Up
Brothers, Dads And Mothers
Talkin' To Myself
Alive Not Dead
Rome Take Away Three

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