Sun Moee

Skydive Trio


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  • Genre: Jazz
  • Label: Hubro
  • Released Date: 13th April 2015
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On the album ‘Sun Moee’ we encounter guitarist Thomas T. Dahl for the first time as the leader and driving force of a band.

The Skydive Trio is a good, old-fashioned guitar trio that is solidly rooted in a melodious landscape, and is nourished by rich harmonies and the sonorous guitar wizardry of Thomas T. Dahl. His playing surfs on the rhythmic waves made by Finnish drummer Olavi Louhivuori (Oddarang, Tomasz Stanko) and Norwegian bass player extraordinaire Mats Eilertsen (Tord Gustavsen).

Dahl himself composed several of the pieces on the album, including “Slow Turn”, “Talbot” and the title tune “Sun Moee”, while Eilertsen and Louhivuori also contributed their own compositions. We are also treated to a fascinating cover version of the Portishead song “Sour Times”.

The members of the SkyDive Trio have worked together as part of a larger band for a number of years, and it shows. All three play on Mats Eilertsen’s Radio Yonder (2009) and SkyDive (2011), as well as in Eilertsen’s major.

Personnel: Thomas T Dahl (guitars), Mats Eilertsen (double bass), Olavi Louhivuori (drums).

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Track Listings

Slow Turn
Sour Times
Sun Moee
Becks Back
Four Words

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