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  • Label: Vinyl Passion
  • Released Date: 27th June 2016
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This Vinyl Passion Dust Buster will give many years of trouble free service and keep both your stylus and vinyl in pristine condition

All record collectors will know the importance of keeping Vinyl clean to preserve the recording but even more important is the cleaning of the Stylus. With the Dust Buster this is done by using specially formulated polymer. It is easy, safe and remarkably low priced in comparison to the results gained.

The Dust Buster makes it painless to clean your stylus after every recording with absolutely no risk of damage; it will also increase the life of a new Stylus by up to 1000 hours and offer the ultimate protection to your vinyl records.

Vinyl Passion inspect stylus and cantilever assemblies regularly and over the years and have tried many ways of cleaning the stylus but they then discovered this new method utilising a specially formulated polymer that is placed under the stylus.

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